Maui Harbors

Ma’alaea • Kihei • Makena

The following are custom maps, directions, and photos of each harbor and boat ramp in Maui, Hawaii.

Ma'alaea Harbor Map

Enjoy this Maalaea Harbor Map. Below the map, you’ll find directions.

From West Maui
Take the Honoapiilani Hwy all the way south until you get to Maalaea. Make a right into the harbor.

From Wailea (South Side)
Take the Piilani Hwy to North Kihei Road. Take a left on North Kihei Road and follow the coast. Once it starts moving more inland, you’ll turn left at the stoplight on Honoapiilani Hwy. Veer left or turn left into Maalaea Harbor.

There’s plenty of parking near each slip. Pay for parking with your phone and the QR code posted at the harbor.

Maluaka Beach Entry

Enjoy this Makena Beach Entry Map. Below the map, you’ll find directions.

From North (West Side)
If you’re taking the Piilani Hwy, take it to the end, and it will turn right. You’ll eventually turn left at the light at the bottom of the hill. You’re now on Makena Alanui Rd.

If you’re taking South Kihei Road, follow it until it goes up the hill.

Park at where the Makena Beach & Golf Resort used to be and walk down to the activity booth at the beach past the swimming pool.

Makena Beach Entry

Kihei Boat Ramp

Enjoy this Kihei Boat Ramp Map. Though we don’t know of any sailing boats leaving from here, there are great rafts that can take you quickly to Molokini.

Below the map, you’ll find directions.

From North (West Side)

If you’re taking South Kihei Road, follow it until you see the Kihei Boat Ramp parking just past Kamaole Beach Park III.

The parking is up next to the road.  Don’t park down by the boats as this is only for boat operators.

Maui Sailing Charters

When sailing in Maui, there are many options. Below are some of our favorite Maui Sailing Tour boats.

Kai Kanani

Maalaea Harbor Slip #56
65ft Catamaran

Pacific Whale Foundation

Pacific Whale Foundation Ocean Store, 612 Front Street, Lahaina

Maui Classic Charters

Maalaea Harbor Slip #80 & 55
55ft Catamaran


Maalaea Harbor Slip #99 & #62.
50 ft Catamaran

Fun Sailing Facts

Other than a harbor for boats, port refers to the Left side. “Starboard” means the Right side. We find it easier to remember this by thinking about how port and left both have 4 letters.

A green light refers to the Starboard side.A Schooner is the name of a sailing vessel where the rear (aft) mast is taller than the front (for’ard) mast.

When visiting another country within territorial waters, it is an old custom to fly your own country flag called a “courtesy Flag” above all other flags.

More About Maui

In 1778, Captain James Cook sailed to Maui, but he never set foot on the island. He is credited as being the first non-Islander to see the island. Cook’s expeditions are still a sore subject among native Hawaiian people.

The first European to set foot on the island was the French Admiral Jean Francois de Galaup de La Perouse. He sailed to south Maui, and he landed at what is now called La Perouse Bay on May 29th, 1786.