Maui Sailing

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Sailing in Maui equals true freedom. Take advantage of warm winds, state-of-the-art vessels, and the best captains while enjoying the best way of experiencing the ocean on Maui.


Recommended Sailing Vessels

Kai Kanani MauiKai Kanani

The Kai Kanani is a sailing catamaran that sails from Makena in South Maui, Hawaii. They're one of the only vessel allowed to pick up passengers from the beach in Maui! Enjoy sailing conveniently from the beach at the Makena Beach Golf Resort.


Four Winds MauiFour Winds II

Four Winds was specifically built for the winds of Maui, Hawaii. This 55 ft catamaran sails from Maalaea Harbor and has some unique features like a glassbottom viewing room, waterslide and onboard video production.


Maui Sailing Activities

There's more to do on the water than just sail! We suggest taking a sail boat to go snorkel at Molokini, scuba diving at Lanai's Cathedrals, enjoy cocktails during sunset, or go whale watching in season. Sailing for the sake of sailing is worth the trip alone, but why not enjoy the islands many great activities while sailing?


Maui Sailing Destinations

Maui is composed of multiple islands that are easily in reach while sailing. Cruise to the protected waters of Molokini Crater to snorkel, snuba, or scuba dive. Snorkel at Turtle Town and see loads of turtles and other ocean life. Or make the journey to the island of Lana'i to explore spots few visitors have seen.


Maui, Hawaii

Maui is the second largest island in the Hawaiian Island chain. It encompasses over 700 square miles (1883.5 Km square).

Maui County is composed of four islands of which Maui is the largest. Lana'i, Kaho'olawe, and Moloka'i surround the island of Maui, Hawaii. Kahoolawe is uninhabited. Lana'i is famous for scuba diving and plush Four Season's Resorts. Molokai is known for its natural beauty and sea cliff waterfalls. Molokini Crater is a volcanic atoll, but not considered an island.

Sailing in Maui is one of the best ocean activities to do. Travel to one of the islands in Maui County and experience sailing the way it should be.

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Maui Boats and Harbors

  • You can go sailing in Maui on single hulled boats or on a catamaran. There are plenty of spots to leave from including harbors, boat ramps, and beach entry.
  • We've put together some custom maps, directions and photos of the various harbors in Maui to help you navigate your way to your next sailing excursion.